Updates & Actions

We are please to announce that as of May 10, the ban on raw dairy in New Jersey was lifted!


The Ban is Lifted!

Thanks to the joint effort of You -  our speakers and their trade associations, distributors, retailers, pet lovers, and attorneys, 
we are pleased to announce that the ban on distribution and sales have been lifted in the state of New Jersey!

Public Statement
The Department of Health followed up on May 10, 2019,  confirming it will also not interfere in the distribution of raw dairy for pets.

Therefore, distributors and retailers selling raw milk pet food will not be subject to an enforcement action by The Department of Health.

How Our New Community 
Made it Happen!

We are proud to say the ban reversal was made possible through the many levels of communication and efforts made including:

| Taking Swift Action|

Many including Answers Pet Food, Cathy Alinovi of NextGen PFMA, Sally Morrell and Peter Kennedy of the Weston A. Price Foundation,  Susan Thixton of the Association for Truth in Pet Food, Joseph Heckman and more were all proactive from the start by engaging attorneys early on and applying pressure to the state. They were also instrumental in helping us, the community, understand what could be done next.

| Calling Your Local Offices |

Calling, emailing and notifying your local Department of Health and Local Department of Agriculture brought necessary attention to this issue. As a result, the state has corrected the mistake. 

| Attending the Pet Food Justice Event |

This event brought a truly influential community of people together, allowing us to openly educate each other, pet lovers, distributors, and retailers alike, about the laws, safety and nutritious benefits of raw dairy for pets. 

 | Contacting State Representatives & Officials |

New Jersey Congressman and women, State Representatives, and the state governor were contacted and notified of the illegal ban. The responses received from offices were supportive. 

| Sharing Your Experiences |
 Whether it's word of mouth, circulating online via websites or social media, sharing the importance of raw dairy and its availability for pets had a resounding impact and we thank you!